About Us


The Dharani family, originated from a village “PUSAD” in the state Maharastra in India had a unique approach towards cooking. The strong belief, that the species are the facilitators of health process due to its medicinal values if proper technique is adopted. This technique they inherited through the ages and the determination formed the background of the company.

Two decades ago Mrs. Laila Murad Dharani the M.D of the Company, the prominent family member of the contempary generation, a dynamic women entrepreneur with sound academic background found a big business opportunity in the line of spices and established a manufacturing unit in Hyderabad the Capital of A.P India, a well know place for delicious food. Being a women, made her job easier to understand the core concept of masalas, the silver line in the preparation of delicious food.

The support given find bride review by Mr. Murad Dharani, her husband, the CEO of the company with his creative, and analytical strengths which he considered as god gift, adding his innovative marketing skills helped the company to establish itself as an house hold name in India as SILVER MASALAS.

The “AGMARK” certificate awarded by the government of India confirmed the quality standards of this company. The dominate aspect of the SILVER MASALAS is its traditional experience and R & D which pioneered them dramatically widening its range to suite the wide taste of the customers. In the whole episode the role of Mrs. Shirin Dharani the mother of Murad Dharani is vital in transferring the knowledge and concept of the species to the promoters.

To think of spices is to continue up the magic of the orient. Although now familiar, they retain something of the mystery of their exotic heritage. Spices have become a symbol of adding zest and interest to just about anything, which is why we talk of “adding spice to your love-life” and “the spice of life”. Without spices, cooking would not be such a rich and varied art. Their tastes and aromas combine to create a kaleidoscope of exotic flavours to delight the palate.

Spices were first used in their indigenous countries to transform what was an otherwise monotonous diet of local foods and badly preserved meats into a splendid array of gastronomic possibilities. As they have spread across the globe, they have become part of the world’s culinary traditions and have helped create the vast spectrum of dishes available today. They have also made their may into some of the great liqueurs of the world, as well as being used in perfumes, and cosmetics such as soaps, skin creams and breath-fresheners.

Spices are the seeds, fruits, and barks, roots or flowers of plants. Cardamom and nutmeg are seeds, for example, allspice and black pepper are fruits, cinnamon and cassia are barks, ginger and turmeric are roots, while cloves and saffron are derived from flowers. Unlike herbs, which grow in temperate zones, spices grow in the tropics. All the most important spices originate in the Orient, except allspice, vanilla and capsicums such as chilies, which are indigenous to Central America. Some plants, such as dill, are both herbs and spices, where the seeds are regarded as a spice and the leaves as an herb.

Unlike herbs, they have little nutritional value, but as well as adding taste, they also stimulate appetite and, therefore, the gastric juices that aid digestion.