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    Chicken Biryani Masala Mix

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    Ingredients Required:

    • Chicken – 1kg
    • Basmati Rice (Washed & soaked for 30 mins) – 1kg
    • Onions – 5 medium finely sliced
    • Ginger Paste – 2 tbsp
    • Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp
    • Yogurt Plain (Whipped) – 200g
    • Ghee/oil – 150-200g
    • Sabit Garam masala – 5g
    • Coriander Leaves – 1 small bunch
    • Mint Leaves – 1 small bunch
    • Green Chilly Sabit – 4-6
    • Lemon – 2 pieces
    • Silver Chicken Biryani Masala – 1 packet

    Steps for Cooking:

    • Marinate chicken with Ginger garlic paste, yogurt, finely chopped coriander leaves, Mint Leaves, Slitted green chilies & Silver Chicken Biryani Masala. Add Lemon Juice keep aside for half an hour.
    • Heat refined oil/Ghee in a kadai. Fry chopped onions until golden brown. Remove it and place it on the marinated chicken.
    • Put Some oil/Ghee over the marinated chicken mix it well.
    • Separately: In 12 glass of hot water, add 3 tablespoons of salt and soaked basmati rice. Add little pieces of cinnamon. Boil until the rice is more than half cooked. Remove from the heat and thoroughly drain the water.
    • Spread the rice over the marinated chicken. Add yellow color in milk and spread over the rice.
    • Heat ghee/oil adds sabit garam masala & Temper the rice and cover it.
    • Put it on Heat on high flame for 5 minutes and simmer the stove. Cook it for another 10-12 minutes on low flame.
    • Hyderabadi Nawabi Chicken Biryani is ready to serve.

    Serving Suggestion:

    Serve hot with Mirchi ka Salad and Raita.