Haleem Masala Mix


Haleem Masala Mix


Ingredients Required:

  • Mutton/Chicken/Beef – 500g boneless
  • Ghee/oil – 2cups/350g
  • Onions – 2 medium sliced
  • Wheat – 1cup/200gram
  • Mixed pulses – 150g (Chana dal, toordal, udaddal, masoordal, moongdal some rice)
  • Silver Haleem Masala – 1 packet

Steps for Cooking:

  • Soak grains and pulses separately in water for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Boil grains and pulses add salt as per taste to the grains and pulses.
  • Heat Ghee/Oil in pressure cooker add meat and Silver Haleem Masala Mix. Fry for a few minutes and add water to tender the meat cook till the meat is tendered. Then add the boil grains and pulses mix it well finely shred the meat with a wooden spoon or in a blender adding ghee. Cook on low flame, heat the remaining ghee/oil fry the sliced onions until golden brown and take out from the oil.

Serving suggestions

Garnish with fried onions, finely chopped ginger silver chat masala and lime juice serve 6-8 persons.