Potli Masala Mix


Potli Masala Mix


Spice Mix for Paya, Nihari, Korma, Biryani & Haleem

Silver Potli Masala is very important masala used in Hyderabadi cuisine for its fragrance and aroma in Biryani and various meat based receipes. It is a mixture of various spices, herbs & roots.

Directions for use:

While cooking, Nihari or Paya take Porli Masala along with the Nehari pouch tie in a muslin cloth and drop in it. It boils with the nihari and releases the flavour.


Take 500ml boiling water add 75gms Potli Masala along with Nihari pouch boil for 10 to 15 minutes the spices releases the flavor in the water strain the water. This water can be used in Biryani, Nihari, Korma, Paya, Haleem etc.


Khashkadi, Coriander, Pankijad, Bay Leaf, Stone Flower, Gulab Phool, Black Pepper, Kawabchini, Kapoor Kajli, Cardamom Big and all mix spices.

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